Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ukhtagirk-The Birth of Ari (Hayg)

Written by Slak Kakosyan

Translated by Grigor Hakobyan

This creation of my son is my first creation on earth as Hayg. He will always carry my name as Ari. Let Hayg Ari live in the land of Ararat along with the immortal gods as an earthly god. But he will never be immortal like gods. With his life he will create the time, as the time is itself a waiting. Ari will always wait and continue to wait, and in waiting he will expire and grow old; and then he will die. However, the death will not be the end. I am establishing his immortality by uniting the life and death. He will die and then be reborn in his grand-grand child. Like this he will continuously die and born again, that will be his immortality, and so will be his descendants.

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