Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Genocide Photo Included In Video about Problems of Turkish Women

ANKARA (Noyan Tapan)--A photo of Armenians subjected to deportation during the Armenian Genocide was included in the documentary about problems of the Turkish women. According to the Radical daily newspaper, the documentary was screened at a forum of the union of women of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), where Turkish Prime Mininster Recep Tayyip Erdogan was present. The documentary presented the hardships of Turkish women before the declaration of the Republic of Turkey and their achievements in the years of the Republic. The photographs featuring Armenian Genocide victims were from the famed Armin Wagner collection, one of the most comprehensive photo archives of the Genocide. The photo depicted an Armenian woman holding a child in her arms, with others moving behind. The Vatan daily newspaper called the occurrence a “stunning mistake.” In a related matter, the Turkish ministry of education in 2007 published geography textbooks for high school seniors, in which Mount Ararat was referred to as Mount Ararat, instead of the usual Turkish moniker Agri Dagi. According to the Jahan news agency, the Turkish teachers and scientists union expressed its concern over what it called the minsitry of education's "inexcusable mistake." "This error in geography textbooks approved by the ministry in 2007 is inexcusable because the name %u218Ararat' has become a symbol of the so-called Armenian Genocide today," said Ismail Koncuk, chairman of the teachers' union, adding that such activities of the Turkish ministry of education "contribute to Armenian propaganda".

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